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Qu'est-que c'est? #4

  The New Division is a New Wave/Synthpop band originary from Riverside, California, USA. It began as a solo project in 2005, when the vocalist/songwriter John Kunkel was still in college. By the end of 2007 they already were a four man band. Michael Janz (or "Janzie") joined for the synths and sequencing, Brock Woolsey joined for the guitar and later Mark Michalski joined as an additional keybordist. Sometimes they use a drummer for concerts too, Kenny Wells.

  Deeply influenced by bands like Joy Division, New Order (I think the name is a big evidence of that), or even Depeche Mode, The New Division take the old school New Wave sound to another level, giving it nice touches of today's electronic music.

  2011 has been a great year for this band. The Rookie EP released on the 11th of January was acclaimed by the critics and I believe it really is on of the best EP's this year.
  This week, on the 27th, they released their album, Shadows. A real must-have, showing John Kunkel's creativity and the confirmation of the great work they've been doing so far. Follow and support these guys, they really deserve.

Nuno Trindade

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