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L'espace d'art #4

Piet Hein Eek - Turning scrap and wood into furniture

  I arrived three days ago from an amazing journey in The Netherlands, my birth place, where I go every year to visit family and keep the roots fresh. This year I've just been in a festival and apart that I dicided to do an artistic tour around that country that might be one of the most bases of inspiration for young artists, I discovered something...
  Piet Hein Eek, dutch plastic artist/designer, a very good friend of my brother and one of the most impressive creatives that I've ever seen. Piet works with scrap and wood and turn it into furniture, aside that  he works as well with old fashioned "stuff" as bycicles and many other objects, "his motivation arises as much from an obsession with time as a concern for resources". Now-a-days his factory and workshop is based in Geldrop (NL).

Canteen Table in Scrapwood
(the value of the piece is around 10.000€)

  In 1993 Piet started to create his collections and at the moment people imediatly wanted to have something that wah made by him, people didn't see his name anymore as an artist but as a brand, a nice gadget that you could buy... in spite of that "the brand" grows faster and faster, that is an important part of the work developped, because after all projects run the buiseness.
  Sustainability, creativity, avant-guard, that is Piet's work! 

Youri Spaninks Amaro

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