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Qu'est-que c'est? #3

  Gesaffelstein (real name Mike Levy) is a French electronic producer from Paris, France. He is true artist and his music is to be heard as a work of art. Gesaffelstein is not a crowd-pleaser: he plays heavy-minded music with bold precision and is not there to make you dance like crazy or to soundtrack your flirts.
  After a number of EP's and collaborations for Turbo Records and for other record companies, Gesaffelstein latest work is Conspiracy which is divided in two parts, for now (it's said that there might be a third part). The Part 1, which was out on the 26th of April, is a little faster and classier. The Part 2 was out on the 19th of July and it's a little slower and more intense, if that is possible.

Part 1

1- Hatred - A sick track with a classy beat and a delicious distorted bass that really shows Gesaffelstein's talent.

2- Aufstand - It's a progressive Tech House track which has all the ingredients for greatness. The usual classy and authoritary beat, the intensity and a great mix between highs and lows.

3- The Lack Of Hope
- A little bit more dreamy than the other ones on these EP's, this track is perfect for starting AND for ending the night.

Part 2

1 - Viol - The intensity and the darkness in this track show why Gesaffelstein is an icon and one of the very best in his genre. Viol (which in french means "rape") is a track deeply marked by the nightlife and by violence.

2 - Opr - Low tempo authoritary beats meet distorted dark synths and eerie sounds giving you the intensity Gesaffelstein usually assures.

3 - Conspiracy Origins - A progressive low tempo Techno track with a thumping kick and an ever growing bass that make it penetrate through your ears into your mind.

Gesaffelstein's first album is due to be out on early 2012. After that, he'll be touring all over the world and I think we can't miss him.

Nuno Trindade

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