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L'espace d'art #1

  I'll never forget the day I was skating at a plaza somewhere in Setúbal and I meet Marco! The guy was totally drunk and he started to "shout" about the way how I should do a trick. Since that day I'm still in touch with him and sometimes we still skate and develop some projects together.
  He is an Artist with capital "A" that I can tell you mates, I've never seen such a person before, he is totally different than anyone else. Marco Tainha that is his name, he is a surfer, a skateboarder, an artist and above everything a friend! For several years he was a rebel boy (I guess that boy still resides inside him) and he has been always "avant-gard" at the surf scene in Portugal. Currently we live in the same town and I visit him often at his "lab", if we can say so, generally we grab a beer in the pub next door and we go to his place and there he shows me new surf boards, shapes, graphics, ideas and stuff that he is working out. Marco is a very talented "Surf Board Designer" and his work reaches perfection. At the present moment he has a project called "Blood Brothers" together with a friend and in their spots at the internet they show "to the world" what is the new raw object of art.
  I couldn't start this section of posts about art in Rêves en Rouge without present my tribute to him, one person who always supported my causes, objectives and points of view. Thanks man!  

Youri Spaninks Amaro

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