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L'espace d'art #2

  Dripping, alcohol, a bit of insanity, this is Jackson Pollock! A few days ago I saw a movie about him. 
  Born in 1912 he had a very problematic life where alcohol was is port and he died very young, in 1956. During is life alcohol was a very powerfull enemy against his work but even so Pollock enjoyed considerable fame and notoriety, perhaps it was because of his "sponsors" like the millionaire Peggy Guggenheim who was is lover during a period of is life. Pollock was a dripper, a defenition inside the abstract expressionism, rubisher and user of several diferent colours he was one of the first big names in the new american modernistic movement. 
  Volatile, as person, and struggling against alcohol he had very difficult life, maybe he could have a different projection if he was in Europe, death took one of the major names of abstract non-figurative artists early, but even today is work is very appreciated and studied.

Youri Spaninks Amaro

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