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Qu'est-que c'est? #2

  Digitalism is a german electro duo. Digitalism hail from Hamburg. İsmail "Isi" Tüfekçi, the German born son of Turkish immigrants, met Jens "Jence" Moelle, the child of a liberal family, at the city’s Underground Solution record store. Jens Moelle was the first to find employment there, towards the end of the 1990s. When he took leave from the shop to devote more time to his school work, Isi filled. Later Jens returned, and the pair worked alongside each other: Jens in the shop, and Isi at the attendant record distribution business. They soon bonded over their shared love of dance and rock records. When the store’s owner, Ollie Grabowski, began casting around for a couple of fresh, young DJs to play at a party, he suggested that Isi and Jens team up. Digitalism were born!

After that 2 albums and 2 EP's as well as a long list of remixes are out.

The last album is "I Love You, Dude" and it was out on the 20th of June, this year.
It's a fantastic 10-track-saga and definitely a must have.

1 - Stratosphere - A strong "ambience sound with a thumping beat and a mix of distorted and clean synths that will keep you "dreamland".

2 - 2 Hearts - Digitalism on their "Indie Pop" side, just like they did on "Pogo" on their first album "Idealism". Mixing guitar samples with a lot of synths and a really smooth beat, Jence's voice really is the sweet spot on this song keeping it really nice and catchy.

3 - Circles - A progressive track where this duo shows some of their best work. Many electronic bands of today use distorted synths as bass, but very few master it as well a Digitalism. A great song where the 80's meet today's electronic music and where Jence's voice gives a really nice touch.

4 - Blitz - Pure Electro. It's Digitalism back to their roots. You could almost say it's an homage to their greatest inspirational band, Daft Punk. I would say they'd be proud of it. Melodic synths and a thumping beat with a really strong kick make this a beautiful song that really makes you wanna dance.

5 - Forrest Gump - More of a "Disco Punk" theme than the previous ones, this track has the usual great synth bass, a parnership with the great Julian Casablancas, a lot of guitar and the synth ripping its way through the song gives a nice touch to it.

6 - Reeperbahn - A lot heavier than the Digitalism people are used to, with a touch of industrial Rock. There's a lot of adrenaline on it, nice drumming and a delicious bass that will make you scream for more.

7 - Antibiotic - I'm sorry to say it like this but it feels like Kraftwerk on cocaine. It's a deep, dark, minimal electro with  a psychedelic distorted synth touch on it. The result of it is awesome.

8 - Just Gazin' - A very sweet and soothing sound that will definitely make you chill out. It has a beautiful melody and a wonderful bass that will make you dream away.

9 - Miami Showdown - It just might be the perfect theme song for some remake of the "Knight Rider" TV series. It's a dark song that makes you feel like you're living on the 70's Miami nightlife runned by all the powerful drug dealers. You can feel the violence of it throughout this track.

10 - Encore - More electro and more dance music. This is Digitalism as everybody knows it. It has all the elements of a great dance song. Good rhythm, good bass and good vibes. It really gives you a great sense of well being. Encore. That's what you'll ask for by the end of this song.

Nuno Trindade

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