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Qu'est-que c'est? #1

  Death Cab For Cutie is an American band formed in 1997. Oftenly quoted as a Indie pop, Indie rock, Alternative rock or even as an Emo band (which I personally disagree), Death Cab for Cutie started as a solo project developed by the vocalist Ben Gibbard. He released a cassette named "You Can Play These Songs With Chords" which was surprisingly successful and that was when he decided to expand the project and recruit a full band.
  Death Cab's songs are mainly marked by deeply emotional and metaphorical lyrics combined with calm and soothing music. There's always some changes from album, but they always keep their identity. As well as some other great alternative American bands they had a great help on their acknowledgement by the TV series "The O.C.".

  14 years later, their 7th album is out and it's named "Codes and Keys". It's less "guitar-based" and a lot "merrier" than other albums which has made some people say they are turning commercial. I guess they're just moving with the times. Ben, who is "the brain" behind songwriting, got married with Zooey Deschanel after the 2008 album "Narrow Stairs". I'd like to think these are happier times he's living.
  The first video from this album is You Are A Tourist. It was the first live, scripted, one-take, music video shoot ever. Between the choreography, light-up suits, and laudable direction by Tim Nackashi, the result was really good and it turned into a moment to remember.

Nuno Trindade

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