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Une fille dans le monde #3

  Drop Dead Clothing is a clothing brand in existence since 2005, created by Oliver Sykes, the lead singer of the band Bring Me the Horizon.
It started with some projects and over time grew to its brand Drop Dead better known for his bizarre designs.
  Oliver employed his mother and his younger brother, who were a great help to accomplish all this work. Later SJ, who is an ex-girlfriend of Oliver Sykes, was a model for Drop Dead and his current girlfriend now is also a model for the brand .
  At this time Oliver has a wide range of t-shirts, sweaters, dresses, jackets, bikinis, shorts and accessories.
Much of his clothing line, such as t-shirts, jackets and accessories, are used by both boys and girls, it's an unisex line.
  Most t-shirts are used by some known bands and musicians such as Gallows, Skrillex and A Day To Remember.
  With its extravagant drawings, Drop Dead aims to revolutionize the "alternative clothing" world.

Joana do Ó

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