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Une fille dans le monde #1

 "Graffiti" is an art that just a few understand! The object of art itself is a way of expression where several strong and wonderful colours are what we keep in first place. For others it doesn't matter nothing, for a few it is a journey trough a brand new world, each point of view is reflex of each different perspective, in the end, each person has is own way of appreciate art.
  There are many "graffiti" lovers, one of them is Élsio Menau! Born in 1984, in Quarteira, Portugal. Since very young he was related to art work, but was in 1998 that he started to give his first steps inside street art, later in 2001 he created "Policromia", an artistic collective that is still operating.
   Inside is work, Menau has as priority: strong colours, where originality is one of his biggest characteristics, this gives him the tittle of great "figure" at the "graffiti" world in Portugal. In "Monsters", one of his main themes, he shows his creativity and skill in combo by using a kind of "egg form" that he generally uses in several of his works.
  Part of our population, all over the world, doesn't see "graffiti" as a way of expression, but as a way of vandalize propriety, public or private. Personally I agree with that idea, but I recognize as well this "strange" kind of art, in spite of sharing the opinion that it should be practiced in proper spots.
  The artist is a member of society which creation respect and accesses the public space in such a way that turns upside down our vision about what we can create.
  In my point of view "graffiti" is an art, since like as any other kind of expression it follows some basic social rules, and so it will be, logically, admired and respected by society. 

 Joana Do Ó

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